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Title: How To Krump
Description: Showing you the right moves, the right way
Author: orion
Submitted: 08 August 07
In: Lifestyle > Dance
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How To Krump

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  Comments: 97
02 April 10
This game is great ,So much new gameplay content has been added ..
27 February 10
This one cant be missed
19 February 10
check out this cool new game , look me up there and ill help you out ........ . ....
08 February 10
Another one to try ... .. its free , what do you have to lose
17 October 09
here is a great new game ... try it out and see what you think ;)
13 October 09
here ya go ......
05 June 08
This is fucking retarded.
01 June 08
Thats the way I walk around town my brutha. I walk with a slight limp, flier than any big-city pimp!
29 May 08
i go all out
28 May 08
darkmindz is gay never go on it i will curse you and your childrens children and your childrens childrens childrens children but only if u r sick enough to actually breed to children together and then breed those children to. see now youve got me to start rambling on- get the point? dark minds is gay--- instant rewind---yag si sdnim krad---dark minds is gay p.s. search fight of the conchords on youtube, best band ever!!!!!

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