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Posted By PaperMario17, 06 June 08
Hey I got a Samsung A437. Think you can get any codes? appreciate it.
Posted By bestranger, 23 May 08
do you have any codes that you can send me to beat myspace passwords, or anything "real" useful. Not just shit like hiding my friends list
Posted By intx415, 17 May 08
can i please get me codes for a motorola krazr k1m
Posted By eguthrie, 17 May 08
can you tell me codes for a Nokia 2865i in Metropcs
Posted By reyjaso, 07 April 08
What about metro peice of shit? metro PCS
Posted By DRACOE666, 21 March 08
Posted By DRACOE666, 20 March 08
hey send me the myspace code
Posted By mikenunes16, 07 March 08
hay how do you crack the code for a t-mobile id phone
Posted By Rora2006, 17 February 08
hey do u have any codes for a LG kg800, LG vx8700, and a LG vx 8550?
Posted By jamien, 07 February 08
Posted By eckounltd, 20 January 08
yo du u hav any secret/hidden codes for sony ericsson w850i. plz.tks
Posted By Neurosis96, 16 January 08
can you send me the myspace code please
Posted By daniel4225, 14 January 08
would you send me that code. i know other have asked you for it. if not that cool. i will get up off my A$$ and look for it my self
Posted By npa4863, 10 January 08
codes for moto v3xx from at&t
Posted By elchile94, 04 January 08
hey can u send my the myspace code plz
Posted By cushendun, 02 January 08
hey i need a code for nokia 6300 locked to uk tesco
Posted By rcates21, 02 January 08
I got a nokia 6133. Hope you can help me. I appreciate it man.
Posted By Job212, 29 December 07
I want those codes for a Sagem
Posted By N3m3sisGR, 26 December 07
this is my email on msn i need ericsson codes for k550i
Posted By FMA1994, 22 December 07
Posted By ilovelkomg, 18 December 07
Posted By jayjaytrece, 18 December 07
i need help i found a phone and the pic and video is locked my phone is a sprint samsung SPH-A940
Posted By john916, 16 December 07
can u make some codes for the blackberry pearl?
Posted By phone, 03 December 07
whats the code for myspace
Posted By xGuitarGod, 02 December 07
hey can you help me unlock a Sony Ericsson W810i or can you give me the codes for it please? thanks, apprieciate it.
Posted By tzt400, 01 December 07
Hi, can you tell me how to find out the origin of this site; like hwo started it?http://www.kbnet. com/book/html/rapshe et2.html I want to know how to stall it or make it so slow or just get rid of it for a while. Can you help me?
Posted By SK8T3R, 25 November 07
Lg VX9400 thnx man
Posted By ROOMA2505, 24 November 07
whats your myspace so you can tell me the myspace code on myspace
Posted By blinkgirl12, 16 November 07
Posted By junior2k8, 16 November 07
hi samsung x380 thanx
Posted By kbaby2luvsu, 12 November 07
hi could u help me?do u know how to hack passwords?
Posted By xGuitarGod, 12 November 07
samsung Z150 please ?
Posted By kbaby2luvsu, 12 November 07
hii-could u help me out with something?
Posted By CrisisCain, 24 October 07
hey can you help me unlock a Sony Ericsson W810i or can you give me the codes for it please? thanks, apprieciate it.
Posted By yemen232007, 22 October 07
For the envy i put all that stuff you told me to do but i don't know whats it for
Posted By countryhero93, 19 October 07
for the private myspace
Posted By countryhero93, 19 October 07
can i please get that code
Posted By Osmann, 02 October 07
worked :)
Posted By coclhs944, 30 September 07
so the code is
Posted By ak4d4, 29 September 07
hey, can i get that myspace code please??/
Posted By youngtownbizz, 25 September 07
kyocera strob k612???
Posted By beachlvr4always, 19 September 07
Hey there, Can you tell me what exactly these phones codes are for??? I'm a Noob here and I was looking for Virgin Mobile Codes. Preferably Top Up Codes but whatever you can do would be great! Thanks for the help, hopeimahelp11~
Posted By stevenlojko, 16 September 07
can u put on please!!!!!!
Posted By stratton, 16 September 07
Could you put on it thanks ur doin a gud job with all the videos thanks
Posted By ilumn8d, 12 September 07
Can I get codes for moto razr?
Posted By stevenlojko, 11 September 07
ok ill give u my phone again plz give send me codes sgh-c417
Posted By Chrelle4ever, 11 September 07
Sony Ericsson W880i Please!
Posted By darkassasin, 11 September 07
nokia 5200 please
Posted By jhayjae, 10 September 07
whutz the code to view private profile
Posted By yoking14, 10 September 07
can i have some good phone codes plez
Posted By stevenlojko, 10 September 07
sgh-c417 send me some codes!!! thanks
Posted By 82dan, 08 September 07
can you tell me how to hack passwords if its going to take you a lot of time to explain then it dont matter but if you can id be grateful thanks
Posted By cypheredj, 08 September 07
you should create a blog on a website or have it hidden on ya myspace with the code..i've been looking for hours and still cant find the code...and your videos are very educational and fun to watch
Posted By charlesfore, 07 September 07
charlesfore@hotmail. com
Posted By hopeimahelp11, 05 September 07
the rest of the code is up to u, my best advice if u wanna find out the code is try and google it or after u click on view source read the whole thing or most of just to see how they work with there other codes and ull pick up on it i promise, i would have put it in my vide but the first time the deleted it then the second they dident even accept it so i hade to take the code out, i would tell uz over tricklife wat the code is but idk if the are gonna delete my name if i do it, and i have videos posted so i dnt want that to happen
Posted By hopeimahelp11, 05 September 07
fine ill do it like dis, first its, < then, view then, / the updateprofile and do all that without any spaces
Posted By hopeimahelp11, 05 September 07
dam it wont even let me type in the code
Posted By hopeimahelp11, 05 September 07
the myspace code starts like this
Posted By xashley69, 04 September 07
hey i need help with the private myspace thing.. i cant do it for some reason.. can u help me?
Posted By travisb420, 03 September 07
your vids are cool, could you help me out w/ the myspace codes?
Posted By PHATPHUCKER, 30 August 07
yo tell me how to do some myspace codes plz
Posted By zerobeat911, 30 August 07
hey can u tell me the code please..
Posted By JOEL, 28 August 07
can u tell me the code? and ur videos r cool
Posted By hopeimahelp11, 28 August 07
oops i ment on hopeimahelp
Posted By hopeimahelp11, 28 August 07
hey everyone you might think my videos are stupid, but get over it half the people talking shit sayin your video sucks, wheres your video? neways im going to be posting a video on how to break into a car, it should be up within a week. you can see some of my othjer videos on my other page hopeimahelp1.
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