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cboxic38's Profile:
Username: cboxic38
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Joined: 26 October 07
City: Cincinnati
State: OH
Country: United States
Sexuality: Straight
Sign: Libra
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About me:
About me:
I'm a little crazy! I like to laugh. I love to swim but now it's fall so that's out. I'm here just like everybody else, for the hell of it. Hope to get back to working out again. My car was just totaled and I won't have another one for a while. That sucks. I try to treat people decent sometimes this blows up in my face. I'm laid back.
People who are compassionate and down to Earth. Holding a meaningful conversation and being in the conversation at the same time is nice. A good sense of humor is good. The world is too harsh to take it all in and not just laugh at life sometimes. Not the same as ignoring the state of the world just doing what you can and laughing at the absurdities and the sometimes the people in it. I don't generally denigrate people because we do suffer from the human condition. So basically the harder you look for what someone OUGHT to be like the more you miss out I think. It's not always easy to accept people as they are but the more EXPECTATIONS we have from any individual the more time we spend feeling frustrated or deprived. I admit I have these expectations out of people and life itself that realistically can't be. So to accept yourself as you are and love yourself as you are right NOW is key. Because often we focus on not being in the moment and this can leave us unhappy instead finding the fulfillment that may be around us already.
Superficial people. Rude and uncaring blunt people. Being taken for granted.
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27 October 07
wasup man, u seem kool.

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