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madr0x's Profile:
Username: madr0x
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Joined: 30 September 07
City: Toon Town
State: SK
Country: Canada
Sexuality: Straight
Sign: Gemini
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About me:
About me:
WTF Makes me so funny?!?!?! What you mean im funny ? Funny How ? Funny Like A Clown!!! NOW THAT I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION KEEP READING... =) .. Alot of people on this website should be kicked in the nuts and or camel toes!!! you people know who you are!!! And for the rest of you that dont deserve a good kick then cheers too you!!! =) **Self Proclaimed Trick Life Vid Crittic** **Watch For My Ratings** *Coming Soon To A Vid Near YOU!!*
Women, BEER, women, BEER women, BEER you get the point... =)
Snotty ass people that think there better then everybody else! DIE SCUM OF THE EARTH!!! lol j/k.... Just trying to see if anybody actually reads this shit...
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madr0x's Comments:
05 November 07
yah i have too i like old skool rock and shit now
23 October 07
dude icp is the shit for a while they were like the only thing i listened to
22 October 07
yeah sorry i wasnt being a dick i just havent signed in for a while
22 October 07
what up dog!? You seem like the coolest fuckin person on this website.
21 October 07
Hello ? anybody out there ? i feel very alone.... What was that ? i think i heard something.... OMG... its a bird........ its a plane..... ITS......... Nothing... *Note To Self: Turn into TrickLife CRITTIC! Rate Vids From A to F... And Maybe Some -F for wasting my time...

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How many people on trick life should be kicked in the NUTS and or CAMEL TOE!
All of the people... Besides me of course.. =)
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