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SweetFishes's Profile:
Username: SweetFishes
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Joined: 12 September 07
City: -
State: NC
Country: United States
Sexuality: Straight
Sign: Aquarius
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About me:
About me:
"The fading memories are too brilliant as always I wanted to be closer by We can't meet again but you were always close to hold me up Just you, don't change yourself I can't erase those last tears you showed me Even if I disappear along with this white snow I want to always bloom in your heart."
"I cannot be pretending that i'm not alive I cannot be pretending that i will not revive When it escapes I know you'll be there by my side Just to listen to me for this dead heart needs to confide"
"The darkness feasts upon my every sacred sector of mind, Shall this advance in its journey to mentally rob me blind? This embellishment, this fallacy, attempting failure among all I attempt, Viciously grotesque unwillingness, to give up on all I have ever dreamt. Disengaging the horrid bullets of time, attempt, fail, and repeat!!! The profuse powers of the mind, although of fascinating and wondrous nature, Far too consumed by wretched darkness and wanton to ever reach defeat!"
SweetFishes's Comments:
27 October 07
Essence fading to a glorious heart who bares witness to its own beauty in the wake of the angel's sullen sweet lullaby. You are never truly dead lest you forget how to live.
21 September 07
how far are you from fayeittville

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