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xHiEnxiii's Profile:
Username: xHiEnxiii
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Joined: 17 May 08
City: eAsterN heLL
State: -
Country: -
Sexuality: Straight
Sign: Aries
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About me:
About me:
iM stUpiD.. idiOt.. POSER... bUt iM dEfiNiteLy UNiQUE..xD LOLerz
___aLL of d abOve____
xHiEnxiii's Comments:
06 June 08
hey sweet thang!
26 May 08
wUahaha..LOL iM NOT hOt....xD tO mAkE iT cLeAr... iM NOT dAt kiNd oF girL(pOsEr,iDiOt,stUpiD) i jUz wAnT tO pOsT iT..LOL cLeAr???...^_^
22 May 08
that's not the reason I said it but I agree: you're really cute!
22 May 08
your hot
22 May 08
Ok let me set everything straight, all the guys are most likely just sayin that stuff like your not stupid or an idiot, or a poser just because they think ur hott and want you to talk to them. be the way you are pretty hott
21 May 08
hey, cute pics
21 May 08
She can be whoever she wants I don't care I'm just saying that she doesn't look to be stupid or an idiot! look at her she looks very cool! I was only asking myself if we could agree with the appearences to see who people really are, but it seems that the answer is no. Oh and xHiEnxiii, it's a very good answer! If you like it then just go for it!
20 May 08
what is with people these days?? why cant they just leave people alone and let them be who they want to be. so what if she thinks shes stupid, an idiot, and a poser (and no im not saying your any of those things lol), let her be who ever she is.
20 May 08
wUaHaha....cOz i LovE tOo...nYeHahaha....
19 May 08
I'm sure you're not anything you said except unique. Why do you say that??
18 May 08
With an attitude like that you might as well cut yourself and be done with it.

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