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Username: nwc
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Joined: 31 March 08
City: -
State: -
Country: -
Sexuality: -
Sign: -
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About me:
nwc's Comments:
24 May 08
I hope you get kicked in a ditch....that is full of rapeists.
15 May 08
ey u FUC*ING spamer! go and get a friggin life u friggin choad sucker!
29 April 08
hey i download from ur site and got a trojan but its gone now!
20 April 08
Geez, hasn't TrickLife dumped your spamming ass yet? Maybe they deserve to lose this site to you spamming scumbags.
09 April 08
MoonDoggie thinks 4 telling it like it iz
06 April 08
All you spammers can suck my hairy balls, If this shit they were saying was true, then why the FUCK are you telling people about it! Seriously you spammers can be making mega bucks yourselves without eveyone else noticing, and also WHO THA FUCK would be sitting around giving people money just for signing up for some GAY ASS BITCH web site anyways! GET OFF THA DAMN MO-FUCKING COMMENTS YOU BITCH ASS COCKSUCKING SPAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04 April 08
i'll go to your site if you give meh some pics and show that you are a girl
03 April 08
Get the fuck off this site
01 April 08
I've reported you for spamming my video comments. TrickLife is not and should not be a forum for scumbags to propagate their spam.
31 March 08
vote my poll
31 March 08

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