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Username: cantremember
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Joined: 28 December 07
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About me:
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17 February 08
29 January 08
couldnt end the last one so this is the ending to it. yea well i go out with her now and since we know each other so well its been going to so great i mean ive never been in a really long relationship like longest i believe is 2 months and im not a "playa" or anything of that matter i have only had like 2 girlsfrineds not including the one i have now and i dont look for girls to go out with or anything like that soo, i just like starit legit girls off subject hhaha. yea well i hope we last the only problem is she had 6 boyfriends before me and they all cheated on her and she whent out with all of them twice i never knew that and when i did im like "what the fuck " you know? and that was the only prblem that we kind of have now is trust cause we live about 45 mins from each oi ther and i only see her on weekends but when i do see her i see he from friday-sunday night, and our parents dont know so they think were really great frineds which we are and again we sleep in the same bed and stuff but we dont have sex or anything like that matter of fact we dont even like make out all night or anything we just chill and talk and of course like kiss and stuff like that but we dont take it far. but yea in the end turned out she liked me too and we talked about it one night then i contiened it the next day and i admited to likeng her and that if she didnt like me back that we can just be frineds and i would never think of her in that matter again. shes instant messaging me right nowgot to go
29 January 08
welll i would verry happyliy like to say that i am going out with her now!!!!! its been about 4 weeks now i dont see her all the time but i see her like every weekend or every other weekend she is great turns out she liked me too. i decided to start playing the truth question where you had to absolutly tell the truth and i slowly whent towards the question i wantd to ask and once i asked it turns out she liked me too shortly after that we started going out and making out, only bad thing is cant let parents know, but great thing is i make out with her in bed and stuff shit im ins chol
27 January 08
hey you sound pretty cool i read ur comment to that gy with the girlfriend problem you sond rally nice wann be friends

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