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"I don't have to do this you know. I'm a qualified brain surgeon!"- Dead Parrot, Monty Python
Fuck off cunt
I live on earth and you?
im a stoner/punk rocker!
Visit my website at: Kelvin Chun is an award winning educator, magician, balloon artist and kite enthusiast. Kelvin lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is best known for his educational technology background, stage magic, inventive balloon sculptures and kites. For information, visit the website: email: phone: (808)533-2486 Kelvin Chun, a technology specialist at Nu'uanu Elementary School, has been named one of three Ed Tech Leaders of the Year by Technology & Learning magazine, a trade publication. Kelvin has presented at numerous conventions and conferences and provided staff development workshops and courses in the field of mathematics, magic, balloons, kites, and emerging technologies and their impact on learning at all ages. Kelvin was a 2005 International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) Gold Medal Finalist in the Stage Competition in Reno, Nevada, and a 2005 Society of American Magicians (SAM) Finalist in the Close-Up Competition in Boston. Kelvin placed 1st in stage magic at the Texas Association of Magician's (TAOM) 2003 Convention, and also the Pacific Coast Association of Magician's (PCAM) 2000 Convention. See his balloon creations and awards. Appearing as a dealer at the IBM - San Diego 2010 Magic Convention & Reno Magic Convention 2007 SAM - Dallas Magic Convention 2007 See the magic from Japan: Japan Silk & Magic Recognition of Teaching: June, 2006: Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Participant May, 2005: Education World Feature Teacher February, 2004: George Lucas Educational Foundation December, 2002: National Ed Tech Leaders of the Year 2002 January, 2002: Classroom Connect: Top 12 Finalist for the Internet Educator of the Year 2002 December, 2001: Ed Tech Leaders of the Year 2001 Semi-finalist October, 2000: All USA Today 2000 First Teacher Team August, 1999: Disney American Teacher Award Honoree: Elementary Specialist: Technology (Disney Press Release) Disney American Teacher Awards May, 1999: Honolulu District Y2K Teacher of the Year
Been gone a while. Got spammed to death with disgusting messages, eugh. In any case, I'm known as 9. I'm 21 years old, I don't drink or smoke; Sadly my hair is no longer purple (for now), but my love of making things go *BOOM* remains intact ;D I'm a graphics and fledgling comic book artist based in L.A, and I attend pastry school currently. Yes: I am really 21, I know I look young. No: I will not post tits or nude photographs publicly or send them to you privately.
NATIVE OF MAINE WRITES OF OLD-TIME FARM LIFE SMITHFIELD, MAINE-MAINE author Doris Anne Beaulieu says her book, titled The Torment's of the Modest, Secluded Farm Life ISBN: 1-58721-806-2 will bring you heartwarming laughter and tears to your eyes. Hopefully, you will gain a better and closer understanding of old country folks." It is "filled with down-home stories and humor for a true picture of how life in the country with only your eight siblings for playmates." She describes the work as " an old time book from a girl in the back woods of Maine, who had a Guardian Angel to protect her and teach her about the REAL WORLD." She explains, "The book is the true story of a young girl living a very modest, secluded country life in the 1950's, in the state of Maine. She starts by explaining how country folks live life year after year...Then she takes you though the hard young working years. And then how she was tormented mentally in all directions as she enters the real world. She just couldn't believe or understand the world and its language being raised as she was in the county going to a Catholic school." She notes, "As more parents are choosing to home tutor their children for good reasons, I found myself compelled to write my true story to help parents understand the long lasting effects of a modest, sheltered upbringing before making the final decision...I only wish for parents to see how a child may be affected and how these issues also need to be addressed." The book has also been put into screenplay format for producers.
I am amazed at how this website is still running. I thought that it would've been sold after 2 years of spam and pop ups and spam.
i am here to learn how to download music, and movies
i love to play sports, hockey, baseball, golf, basketball, wrestling etc.. im energetic

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