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06-02-2008, 06:11 PM
This thread is being created to let all members know what they can and can't do on Tricklife, and what can, and will get them banned.

*There are 5 different ways you can be banned. Advertising, Flaming, Racism, Spamming, Stupidity and Piracy.They will all be described below.

When I say "Piracy" I'm talking about posting ANY sort of software, albums, songs, etc... Posting links to any sort of these things will result in a ban. If you are unsure about posting something ,ask a moderator, such as myself.


You will be banned for posting or linking any website that will benefit you. This includes your new forum. If you directly make a new thread, created solely for the purpose of advertising your new site. 3-5 day ban. And yes, you will be banned for links in your signature too. Posting images that has your site's address is also considered advertising whether or not it's linked!.

***Advertising is only allowed in the Shameless Plug Forum.***


Flaming is directly insulting a person and doing it harshly. This will NOT be tolerated at Tricklife. If somebody posts a video or creates a new thread, and you simply put them down for no reason, or disrespect their work. Banned for 3 days. Profuse swearing within a flame is another way to get banned for longer. The angrier you are and the heavier your flame is, the longer the ban time will be. You can, however, express your opinion through the ways of constructive criticism. This means telling the person, in a mature way, that you may not agree with what they are saying. Also, take arguments over aim or PMs. We don't want to see a thread filled with 2 members arguing with each other.


Once again, pretty self explanatory. If you directly insult another persons race, religion, beliefs, or way of living, you will be banned for 3+ days, depending how bad it is. A simply "n" word or anything of the sort will get you 3 days. Anything more and the time will increase. Racism is not tolerated here at Tricklife.


SPAM stands for "Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Messages." It basically means posting too often, or just posts that have nothing to do with the topic. Posting gibberish like 'fklghfdgns' in multiple threads will get you a 5+ day ban. Creating nonsense threads with gibberish above will get you at least a week. We can also ban you for posting too often. There's a difference between being active and spamming. Spamming is getting 50 posts a day. Being active is 8 helpful posts. Also, do not try to get your post count up by spamming to create a new thread. If you want to get your post count up, make posts that actually relate to the topic. Repeating "wow that's cool" and "good job" 50 times to be able to create a new thread will get all of your posts deleted, and will get you banned, and then you won't be able to create that new thread, and you've just wasted your time.

***Spamming is only allowed in the Shameless Plug Forum***


It's just that. Stupidity. You know what is stupid and moronic, and if you are a complete moron, we will ban you. Posting pointless threads, or just anything that is obviously pointless and retarded, you will be banned. How stupid you are and how often you are a moron will result in your ban time. Stupidity bans can go anywhere from 1 day to a permanent ban. Bottom line - Be smart.

Other Things You Should Know About Bans...

* Do not dispute your bans. Unless you are 100% sure that somebody banned the wrong person, or that you followed all rules accurately, do not disupute your bans. If you're going to disupute one, do it in a nice, orderly fashion. If you come at us swearing and with an attitude, it will probably only increase your ban time.

* Do not create a second account when you are banned. If you create a second account and post maturely like a normal member, your second account will only be permabanned. If you then go on to create a 3rd account, all your accounts will be permabanned, and you might be IP banned (Meaning all accounts are banned forever and you cannot create any new ones). If you create a second account and act like an idiot, you may be IP Banned as well.

* We as moderators have the right to ban you, and we will do so if needed. Never will we just ban a random person out of the blue, so don't accuse us for that. If we banned you, there was a reason somewhere.

You Can Play The Part Of Mod!

If you feel some threads should be closed or someone should be banned, report them to any mods, or IM them if they're online. We'll take a look and check things out.


Thank you for reading this, and I hope you take the time to read this and save yourself a ban.

-The TrickLife Staff.